Raphael Kabo

Things I've Built and Other Nonsense


DocDown is a PhD-tested Markdown to Word document converter built into a friendly menu bar app, leveraging the power of Pandoc. Here's a blog post I wrote about it.

Orogene is the very simple static site generator, written in Rust, which generated this site.

Charisma is an easily adaptable NodeJS-based commenting system for static blogs, featuring a honeypot. See it in action on my RPG blog.

RuneCaster is a command line utility, written in Python, to generate truly random Elder Futhark rune casts. It uses the RANDOM.ORG API and ancient runic magic.


Sweet is an experimental, utopian social network. It features directly democratic community management, inbuilt whisper network functionality, and no character limits. I'm @lowercasename. (GitHub)

Gathio is an easier and quicker way to make and share events that respects your privacy and doesn't keep your data longer than absolutely necessary. Please use it! (GitHub).

HelloEdit is a Markdown editor disguised as a Macintosh Classic-era word processor. It is modelled on Macintosh System 7 and Microsoft Word 5.1. (GitHub).

Tiny Dungeon is a cute, minimalistic D&D combat tracker and dungeon map editor I made as a weekend Node.js project. (GitHub).

My utopia generator randomly generates the utopia you deserve, but rarely the one you want.

Other blogs

Wondering Monster is my indie RPG, D&D and OSR homebrew blog.


Many years ago I made a webcomic called Noire with my friend Nate. It's running in a fragile Docker container because it's incompatible with the terrors of the New Internet, so if it's gone down, give me a yell.