Raphael Kabo

A simple Jekyll rsync script

I’ve just moved this site to Jekyll, which is the first time I’ve played around with it properly, and I’m very happy with how easy and logical it has been to use. Thanks, Jekyll.

I keep my Jekyll sites in a folder on my Macbook, and have written this very simple bash script to build and upload any updates to my server. It’s a little different to the rsync script available on the Jekyll site because I need it to not delete files and directories I already have on my server when it updates those Jekyll is responsible for. Just change up the bits in all caps to suit you (except the $TARGET variable).

With my configuration, I name my development directory the same as my site URL (raphaelkabo.com, for instance), and then I type ju.sh raphaelkabo.com to invoke it. Remember to pop this script in /usr/local/bin/ or another directory in your path and chmod +x it. For a bit more magic, you can also keep the script in a local directory, like ~/scripts/, then run ln -s ~/scripts/ju.sh /usr/local/bin/ju to be able to invoke the script without typing .sh at the end. Makes you feel like a badass.

cd /Users/HOMEDIRECTORY/jekyll-dev-sites/$TARGET/ && jekyll build --incremental && rsync -avh --update /Users/HOMEDIRECTORY/jekyll-dev-sites/$TARGET/_site/ username@REMOTESERVER.COM:/PATH/TO/WWW/DIRECTORY/$TARGET/public_html/