I am currently working on my PhD in English Literature at Birkbeck, University of London.

My academic work examines the manifestations of utopia, the commons, and precarity in contemporary culture, with a particular interest in post-2008 poetry, novels, and speculative fiction, and cultural production within contemporary global activism movements.

Photograph of me presenting my paper 'The Utopian Body in Contemporary Literatures of Crisis' at BACLS 2018, Loughborough University, UK. Photograph by Carly Robinson (@carlymarierobbo) Photograph by Carly Marie Robinson (@carlymarierobbbo)

Utopian Acts 2018

In 2018, along with Katie Stone, I organised Utopian Acts 2018, a one-day festival and conference exploring the relationship between activism, art, and academia. The conference programme, photos, and blog posts are available on the Utopian Acts website.

Photograph of the band Dream Nails running a zine-making workshop at Utopian Acts 2018 Photograph by Daniel Jackery

Unpublished work
Conference papers
  • “A Poetics of Emptiness: Naming places at the urban margin.” 2015 ELLAK International Conference: Spaces/Spatialities: Practices, Encounters and Articulations, December 2015, Busan, South Korea.
  • “Occupy the Threshold: Locating occupation protests in liminal space.” Crossing Borders: Negotiation, Provocation, and Transgression, May 2017, Birkbeck, University of London.
  • “The Snow and the Zone: Creating communitas on the thresholds of sf cinema.” CRSF 2017, June 2017, University of Liverpool.
  • “Troubled Solidarity, Precarious Utopias.” Solidarity and Utopia: 18th Utopian Studies Society Conference, July 2017, Gdańsk, Poland.
  • “Lines of Flight: The Utopian Escape in Contemporary Speculative Literature.” Utopia, Now!, August 2017, Chelsea College of Arts, London. ( Audio)
  • “‘It’s All Good, It’s All Fucked’: The Anti-Capitalist Commons in Contemporary Poetry.” Movements: Protest, Politics and Activism in the Twenty-First Century, July 2018, Nottingham Contemporary.
  • “The Utopian Body in Contemporary Literatures of Crisis.” British Association of Contemporary Literary Studies - What Happens Now, July 2018, Loughborough University.
  • “‘Life! Life! Life!’: The Precarious Utopianism of Kim Stanley Robinson’s New York 2140.” Disruption, Displacement, and Disorder: 43rd Society for Utopian Studies Conference, November 2018, University of California Berkeley.