Hello, stranger

I am a poet and a PhD student. I live in London. I work for free and open access to knowledge, the creation of resilient communities, and the arrival of a post-capitalist utopia. Send me an email if you think you can help.

I am currently writing my PhD in English literature. I also write poetry. Sometimes I write about other things (mostly coding).

Other things

gathio is an easier and quicker way to make and share events that respects your privacy and doesn’t keep your data longer than absolutely necessary. Please use it!

Tiny Dungeon is a cute, minimalistic D&D combat tracker and dungeon map editor I made as a weekend Node.js project.

Many years ago I made a webcomic called Noire with my friend Nate. It’s running in a fragile Docker container because it’s incompatible with the terrors of the New Internet, so if it’s gone down, give me a yell.

My utopia generator randomly generates the utopia you deserve, if not the one you want.

I also make zines, design websites (such as this one), translate, edit, cook, and enjoy trains a lot.